Crowdfunding Kickoff

In my last post, I revealed that the title of my fantasy suspense film is Retribution and that it is about a young woman who uses voodoo to get revenge against the man who raped her teenaged sister.  I also mentioned that we were starting to cast the film.  We’ve done one round of casting and are in the midst of the second round.  I find myself having to come up with creative solutions to meeting my Casting Director during this Shelter in Place order, but we’ve been pressing forward!

And of course by now, you know a certain little virus has canceled my Launch Party for the Crowdfunding Campaign for Retribution.  But I plan on kicking off the campaign on April 25, 2020 with a Livestream Party!  There you will hear more about the film and the behind the scenes process so far.  And hopefully get to meet 1 or 2 people involved with the making of my film.

I will definitely keep you posted with the progress and will post links to the Livestream and the campaign here and on all of my social media accounts.  Be prepared to share, because remember, Sharing is Caring!