My Experience Writing for TV and Film

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here, but I’ve been keeping busy. Finishing up my short film Seven, promoting my fantasy novel The Fairy Princess: Enter into Fionntan, submitting my action feature script to the Bluecat Screenplay Competition, working on the scripts for my fantasy adventure series and starting work on my next fantasy novel. So yes, a lot has been done in my absence.

One thing I didn’t get a chance to talk about before is the premiere of the television show I got to write an episode for, Fifth Ward. It is available to stream on the Urban Movie Channel which you can either get as a channel on Amazon Prime or Roku or you can watch directly from the website at My episode happened to premiere on March 9 which is also my mother’s birthday. My mother passed away 16 years ago. My sister believed it was like she was there with us when we gathered together to watch.

Writing that episode was an interesting experience. I had spent all of my time working on my fantasy novel and this my first time returning to writing a script in three years. But it was like riding a bike. I had no problem jumping in, breaking the story down into acts and writing it out. After working on the script, I went back to the Shonda Rhimes Master Class that was gifted to me and used it to help me rewrite my web series.


Other than working on a tv series, I’ve also co-written films. A project I worked on called One Crazy Christmas, recently premiered on I worked on this project seven years ago, though it was filmed this year. Although the main storyline has stayed the same, it was changed into a Christmas film. I have to watch it to see if I can remember it and be able to tell you any other changes that came with the Christmas setting. Writing that script was a once in a lifetime experience for me. Mainly because I wrote the first draft in three days. I could do it again with a very short script and no sleep, but I doubt it will happen.

So a lot has been happening this year. I look forward to what’s coming next. Sign up Here with my newsletter to get any updates.