New Project for the New Year!

In my last post I mentioned that I was working on a feature film script that I would be directing next year.  It is a fantasy suspense film, which as you know, is completely within my wheelhouse.  I’m still working on my crowdfunding strategy and I’m even looking for an intern to help plan and execute the crowdfunding campaign.  I’ve started applying for grants, but that is blog post unto itself.  One of these days I will write about all I am learning from applying to these grants!  I’ve started attaching crew to the project and I will be featuring them on my blog in the coming weeks.

First up, my talented Casting Director Donna Watts (Pictured above).  I worked with her on Seven, so it’s only natural we work together again.  Plus we are fellow Columbia College alums!  We must stick together.  Below is a little background on Donna and her company, Donna Watts Casting.

DONNA WATTS CASTING…Where diversity is the key.

Donna Watts Casting Director who is cut from a different kind of cloth a Kente cloth rich vibrant and diverse as the Diaspora. Donna Watts Casting is an independent casting company with a specialization in vast diversity of actors in films, videos, and theater created and established in July 2000 while attending one of the premier film colleges in the nation, Columbia College Chicago. Donna would complete graduate earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Liberal Arts in January 2005.

Donna Watts Casting will celebrate 20’year experience of developing exemplary protocols for talent selection to fill actor vacancies both in film and theater productions. Casting creative talent in the local Chicago Market as a Casting Director for principal and supporting roles in 2019 “When We Prey,”  2018 Seven, 2011 The Black Shield, 2006 The Forgotten West, 2005 Black Girl.