Poster Artwork for Seven

A couple of weeks ago we had a photoshoot for the poster art for my short film Seven.  For every short film I shoot I always try to carve out time during the shoot to take pictures to use for promotional purposes, but they never come out right.  Mainly because we’re rushed and/or we’re using the wrong type of camera.

But this time I’m in Chicago and I have the benefit of using the services of my photographer sister, Ingrid Ermon.  We set up a time with the leading man and she came up with a concept and basically directed the shoot.  What you see is the result of that photoshoot.  She did some minor editing, but not much.  It was all in her lighting and techniques!

Once the photo was done, I put together something quickly and sent it to her for her opinion.  She sent this back to me.  Because not only does she do photography, but some graphic design as well.

Right now she is in the midst of revamping her photography website, but I will link to it here, once it’s done.

I’m still sending out Seven to film festivals and I have finished the second draft of a feature film script that I will be directing next year.  I’m working on my crowdfunding strategy and will start on that in the beginning of next year.  So stay tuned for more updates.  I will be making announcements here as cast and crew are added to the project.