Breaking Down The Lord of Rings Trilogy as One Movie

Last summer I wrote about how The Lord of the Rings trilogy helped me to realize that I wanted to focus on writing fantasy.  It is my all time favorite fantasy movie.  I say movie, instead of movies, because I consider them all one story.  

The first act of the story shows Frodo in his everyday life.  Enjoying the Shire and welcoming adventure in the visits from Gandalf.  His unexpected change comes when his uncle leaves and gives him his magic ring.  In the beginning he sees his role in the adventure as temporary.  Take the ring to Gandalf then go back to the Shire.  But then Gandalf never shows up at their meeting place.  Instead he must take the ring all the way to Rivendale.  By the time he reaches it, he just wants to complete his task and go home to the Shire.  This is the rejection part of the 1-3-5 story story structure, where the main character rejects the sudden change in their life.

But at the Council of Elrond, Frodo realizes that it must be him who takes the ring to Mordor.  If he does not take the journey, there may not be a Shire for him to go back to.  This is the acceptance part of the 1-3-5 story structure, where the main character accepts the change and it sends them into the action of the second act.  Frodo accepts his mission and the Fellowship of the Ring is formed and they begin the journey to Mordor.

Finally after Frodo has basically saved the world by destroying the One Ring, he returns home to the Shire.  He finally has what he’s been fighting for all along, his home and peace.  But once there he realizes that his adventure has changed him so much, he can no longer remain in the Shire.  So he decides to leave it.  This is the sacrifice part of the 1-3-5 story structure, where in the third act the main character sacrifices something they wanted all along.

But after the sacrifice the main character is rewarded.  Frodo’s reward was to go into the west with the Elves.  An honor given to only two non-elves, Frodo and his Uncle Bilbo.

Would like to know what my other favorite fantasy films are?  Check out the video below: